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Latest Update on - 01 January 2004

We all live in a Perry Groves World   The Web Site  

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Headlines:  Kev wins the Cup...               Kevin extends lead to 41pts...               A Merry Christmas to you all from us at Perry Groves HQ...

Welcome to the 'We all live in a Perry Groves World' web site. We are a fantasy football league under the umbrella of  the original and best Fantasy Football League. This site is dedicated to our league, fantasy football and football in general... and of course that football genius Perry Groves !!!!


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Kev wins the first piece of Silverwear in Serie K. He comfortably beat Graham R 29-17 in the Ken Bates Memorial final. So congratulations to Kevin on winning some silverwear (not something I've written very often over the past 10 years!!!!!!!!!!)

Next Week

Europe - Graham starts his 2nd round group stages.

Apart from that there is only the League to keep us going over Christmas...

Transfer Window

Don't forget the next transfer window closes this Thursday, 8th January (who's stupid idea was this??)... All bids are to be made using the 'Sealed bids' engine on the FL web site. A link is on the left hand side bar on this page (and most other pages on this site)...

Graham's ramblings

Donkey storms ahead….It’s lonely at the bottom..

Well I thought it about time I wrote another report before you all gave up visiting the site in the hope of finding one (like you did anyway!!!!)….not a lot has changed since the last report….Kevin’s still top and Simon’s still bottom….it’s just not as close as it was before!!!!……..Elsewhere Simon and Maddo look like they are on their way out of Europe (although Maddo has a slim chance of qualifying if he can win his remaining game and other results go right for him)….Graham Y on the other hand has qualified for the next round courtesy of another win this weekend that see’s him guaranteed top spot in his Euro league and a place in the next round… the League Series Kevin appears to be running away with it with a 5 point lead and a game in hand….with Marek and the two Graham’s being the losers in that particular competition with only two wins between the three of them….the rest of the teams being spread across 9 and 10 points…..

…..but to move on to the main event…..Kevin is still King at the moment….the months top scorer with 64 points…and now holding a 42 point lead….and whats more with Horse Face, Saha and Mutu in his team has the strike power to hold onto it…..that said it’s not that long ago that Kev was there or there abouts coming up to Xmas and made the prediction that it was in the bag…..and promptly spent the rest of the season sliding down the table!!!! So here’s hoping again!!!! 18 points in what was generally a slow week is a sign of Kev’s capabilities…..but will he use them???…..The other Naughty Boy sits in second place dreaming of the days a month or so ago when he held top spot and had weekly points totals regularly in the high teens and low twenties….instead of the single point he managed this week…..gaining rapidly on Julian is Mav….whose investment in an “over the hill” striker appears to be paying off…..38 points so far for Mr Shearer and I daresay there will be more to come (shame I can’t say the same for Sheringham!!!!)…..9 points for Mav this week…..and circling menacingly in 4th place….3 points behind Mav….is Maddo….who I am sure is waiting to pounce whenever Kev feels like slipping up!!!…much improved and the months second highest scorer (56 points) is Graham Y …..whose 13 points for the week probably took no-one by surprise more than him….. dropping into 6th place after a 6 pointer is the other Graham….who must surely be looking over his shoulder at his brother who is 5 points further behind in 7th…although he did get the joint highest score for the week with 18 points….and so to the bottom two….18 points behind Paul and with a creditable 16 points for the week is Nigel who finally breaks through the 100 mark….leaving only one team yet to achieve that feat…..and if you had to put money on the team that would be going into December with less than a 100 points…..not many people would have bet on our Chairman….whose nightmare continues….24 points adrift…..only 3 points for the week….and a distinct lack of players who are actually playing…..times are not good for the former two time champion…….expect wholesale changes come the deadline later this week!!!!!!!!!


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Your View


Any contributions (articles, opinions, ideas etc) will be most welcome & gratefully received..... quality is not an issue, as you can tell if you read the rest of the site!!!!!..... plus if you have any information (or pictures) of our hero 'Perry', then please let me know so I can publish them too......

We would also like as much feedback as possible about the site..... ideas, opinions and ways of improving it ect ect.... so if you do have any views then please use the feedback option below and let us know....

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