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    Serie J Dream Team          
  (only 2 players per premiership team)                
      C.Cudicini (24pts)      
      (I love Ken Bates)      
    G.LeSaux (40pts) S.Hypia (44pts) U.Ehiogu (30pts) J.Riise (52pts)              
    (2 good 2 be true)   (2 good 2 be true)   (Bottom Feeders)   (Bottom Feeders)      
    D.Duff (39pts) P.Scholes (50pts) H.Kewell (68pts) R.Pires (52pts)                        
    (Fray Bentos)   (I love Ken Bates)   (Bin Losing)   (I love Ken Bates)                
         T.Henry  (118pts)  R.van Nistelrooy (75pts)                          
        (Peg it on Donkey)   (Loads of Bobble Hats)                            
    S.Given (22pts) G.Barry (24pts) Y.Djorkeff (39pts)  A.Shearer (61pts)                    
    (Peg it on Donkey)   (Bottom Feeders)   (I love Ken Bates)   (Bin Losing)              
    Serie J Nightmare Team                
  (must have played 6 games in PGW)                              
      P.Robinson (-7pts)                        
      (Peg it on Donkey)                  
    S.Parnaby (-4pts) D.Weir (-2pts) A.Stubbs (0pts) D.Mills (-3pts)                      
    (Loads of Bobble Hats)   (2 good 2 be true)   (Loads of Bobble Hats)   (Fray Bentos)                        
    E.DeLucas (0pts) R.Keane (0pts) J.Greening (0pts)  S.Wright-phillips (0pts)            
    (Lge of Gentlemen)   (2 good 2 be true)   (2 good 2 be true)    (Bottom Feeders)                        
         J.Beattie  (0pts)  A.Smith (6pts)                  
         (Bin Losing)   (Peg it on Donkey)                  
    N.Clements (2pts) C.Lundekvam (0pts) Tugay (2pts)  E.Heskey  (6pts)            
    (2 good 2 be true)   (Lge of Gentlemen)   (Peg it on Donkey)    (Bin Losing)