AWARD   WINNER        
    Perry Groves   A.Shearer   126 pts    
    Player of the Year   (No Rocastle Not Roy Castle)        
    Runner-up   R.Fowler   88 pts    
        (Haddock Spliff)        
    Best Individual Performance A.Kanchelskis   16 pts    
      (Copenhagen Rebels)   (21st Nov)    
    Most goals scored   A.Shearer   32 goals    
        (No Rocastle Not Roy Castle)        
    Most assists   C.Sutton   16 asists    
        (Copenhagen Rebels)        
    Most clean sheets   G.Pallister   23 clean sheets    
        (Return of the Los Palams XI)        
    Most points per   A.Shearer   3.15 pts per game  
    games played   (No Rocastle Not Roy Castle)        
    AWARD   WINNER        
    Highest weekly score   No Rocastle!   33 pts    
        Not Roy Castle   (5 Dec)    
    Lowest weekly score   Return of the   -3 pts    
        Los Palmas XI   (26 Sep)    
    Most weeks top of the league Haddock   26 weeks    
    Most weeks bottom of the Do I not   31 weeks    
    league   lick twat        
    Team scoring the most goals Haddock   82 goals    
    Team making the most assists Return of the   69 assists    
      Los Palmas XI        
    Team with the most clean sheets Copenhagen   65 clean sheets    
    Team conceding the most goals Return of the   177 goals    
      Los Palmas XI      
    Team playing the most games Copenahagen   376 games    
    during the season   Rebels        
    Team playing the least   Haddock   329 games    
    games during the season   Spliff        
    Team using the most   Steve Boulds Hairpiece   18 players    
    players   & Copenhagen Rebels        
        & No Rocastle .        
    AWARD   WINNER        
    Best transfer buy at auction R.Fowler   55 pts    
    (over 1mil)   (Haddock Spliff)   per 1mil    
    Best transfer buy at auction N.Quinn   26 pts    
    (under 1mil)   (Steve Boulds Hairpiece)   per 100,000    
    Best free transfer   S.Staunton   38 pts    
      (No Rocastle Not Roy Castle)        
    Most expensive forward   I.Wright   11 mil    
      (Copenhagen Rebels)        
    Most expensive midfield player M.LeTissier   5.1 mil    
      (Haddock Spliff)        
    Most expensive defender   G.LeSaux   3.7 mil    
      (Do I not lick twat)