Award   Winner        
    Perry Groves   A.Shearer   111 pts    
    Player of the Year   (It's all gone Pear Shaped)        
    Runner-up   R.Fowler   72 pts    
        (The Good, the bad & the beardsley)        
    Rookie of the Year   D.Yorke   69 pts    
        (It's all gone Pear Shaped)        
    Best Individual Performance T.Sheringham   14 pts    
      (Real Spanishtossa)   (1st Oct)    
    Most goals scored   A.Shearer   31 goals    
        (It's all gone Pear Shaped)        
    Most assists   S.McManaman   14 assists    
        (Real Spanishtossa)        
    Most clean sheets   P.Schmeichel   18 clean sheets    
        (Real Spanishtossa)        
    Most goals conceded   J.Dicks   51 goals    
        (Hugh Grants head hunters)   conceded    
    Most points from a Striker A.Shearer   3.17 pts per games  
    per games played   (No Way May)      
    Most points from a Midfield D.Yorke   2.38 pts per game  
    player per games played   (It's all gone Pear Shaped)        
    Most points from a Defender N.Ruddock   2.07 pts per game  
    per games played   (Hugh Grants head hunters)        
    Most attacking points from a J.Dicks   1.23 pts per game  
    Defender per games played (Hugh Grants head hunters)        
    Award   Winner        
    Highest weekly score   Paul's Plonkers   33 pts    
          (4 Feb)    
    Lowest weekly score   Hugh Grants   -4 pts    
        head hunters   (29 Apr)    
    Most weeks top of the league The Good, the bad   29 weeks    
      & the beardsley        
    Most weeks bottom of the Hugh Grants   19 weeks    
    league   head hunters        
    Team scoring the most goals The Good, the bad   81 goals    
      & the beardsley        
    Team making the most assists It's all gone   68 assists    
      Pear Shaped        
    Team with the most clean sheets The Good, the bad   66 clean sheets    
      & the beardsley        
    Team conceding the most goals The Awesome   203 goals    
      Umbrella XI   conceded    
    Team playing the most games The Good, the bad   392 games    
    during the season   & the beardsley        
    Team Playing the least   Hugh Grants   333 games    
    games during the season   head hunters        
    Team using the most   Was Kevin   45 players    
    players   Drunk?        
    Team with the most members Real   10 squad    
    of original squad left   Spanishtossa   members    
    Award   Winner        
    Best transfer buy at auction A.Kanchelskis   46.15 pts    
    (over 1mil)   (The Awesome Umbrella XI)   per 1mil    
    Best transfer buy at auction J.Barnes   29 pts    
    (under 1mil)   (Real Spanishtossa)   per 100,000    
    Best free transfer from   D.Yorke   69 pts    
    the auction   (It's all gone Pear Shaped)        
    Most expensive forward   A.Shearer   8 mil    
      (It's all gone Pear Shaped)        
    Most expensive midfield player M.LeTissier   7.4 mil    
      (Gagging for it)        
    Most expensive defender   N.Ruddock   4.0 mil    
      (Hugh Grants head hunters)        
    Most expensive goalkeeper P.Schmeichel   4.2 mil    
      (Real Spanishtossa)