Award   Winner      
    Perry Groves   D.Yorke   80 pts    
    Player of the Year   (Simply Awesome)        
    Runner-up   J.F.Hasselbaink   77 pts    
        (Plonkers are back)        
    Best Individual Performance M.Owen   12 pts    
      (Show us your medals Teddy)   (26 Oct)    
    Rookie of the Year   M.Desailly   34 pts    
      (Curly Watts drinks a lot)      
    Most goals scored   D.Yorke   18 goals    
        (Simply Awesome)        
    Most assists   J.F.Hasselbaink   16 assists    
        (Plonkers are back)        
    Most clean sheets   L.Dixon   20 clean sheets    
        (Shear miss again)        
    Most goals conceded   D.Gordon   48 goals conceded  
        (Plonkers are back)        
    Most points from a Striker D.Yorke   2.42 pts per game  
    per games played   (Simply Awesome)      
    Most points from a Midfield G.Poyet   1.89 pts per game  
    player per games played   (The Second coming)        
    Most points from a Defender M.Bosnich   2.40 pts per game  
    per games played   (Same Old, Now Old)      
    Most attacking points from a S.Guppy   0.97 attacking points  
    Defender per games played (They Shoot Donkeys)   per game    
    Award   Winner        
    Highest weekly score   Gross Incompetents   41 pts    
          (14 Sep)    
    Lowest weekly score   They Shoot Donkeys   -6 pts    
          (23 Nov)    
    Most weeks top of the league Plonkers are Back   26 weeks    
    Most weeks bottom   The Second coming   16 weeks    
    of the league        
    Team scoring the   Plonkers are Back   70 goals    
    most goals            
    Team making the most   Plonkers are Back   61 assists    
    Team with the most   Gross Incompetents   71 clean sheets    
    clean sheets            
    Team conceding the   They Shoot Donkeys   201 goals conceded  
    most goals            
    Team playing the most games Plonkers are Back   374 games played  
    during the season          
    Team playing the least   Same Old, Now Old   115 games played  
    defensive players          
    Team using the most   Show us your Medals Teddy   41 players used    
    Team with the most members They Shoot Donkeys   11 players    
    of their original squad left & Shear Miss Again        
        & Same Old Now Old      
    Award   Winner        
    Best transfer buy at auction J.F.Hasselbaink   33.48 pts per 1mil  
    (over 1mil)   (Plonkers are back)      
    Best transfer buy at auction S.Guppy   52 pts per 100,000  
    (under 1mil)   (They Shoot Donkeys)        
    Best free transfer from   E.De Goey   36 pts    
    the auction   (Show us your Medals Teddy)        
    Biggest transfer flop from the auction K.Davies   0.33 pts per 1mil  
    (over 1mil)   (Curly Watts drinks a lot)        
    Best transfer buy during season R.Molenaar   14.375 pts per 1mil  
    (over 1mil)   (The Second coming)        
    Best free transfer during   I.Harte   52 pts    
    the season   (Gross Imcompetents)      
    Most expensive forward   D.Bergkamp   10.4 mil    
      (Simply Awesome)      
    Most expensive midfield player B.Laudrup   4.9 mil    
      (The Second coming)      
    Most expensive defender   T.Adams   4.6 mil    
      (Curly Watts drinks a lot)      
    Most expensive goalkeeper P.Schmeichel   4.0 mil    
      (Curly Watts drinks a lot)        
    Natl Comps    
    National Cup Plonkers are back   Won 3 premlim rounds  
          Lost 1st Round    
    Champions League   The Second Coming   35th in Group Stage  
    UEFA Cup   Plonkers are back   Qualified 2nd in Grp  
        Lost in 1st Round  
        Simply Awesome Too   10th in Group stage  
    Highest National Post   Plonkers are back   86th    
            (4 May)    
    Lowest National Postion 2nd Coming   14151    
          (8 Mar)    
    Notable Achievements   Plonkers are back   Top 100    
            National Position