Award   Winner      
    Perry Groves   K. Phillips   91 pts    
    Player of the Year   (Dreamcast)        
    Runner-up   A.Shearer   82 pts    
        (Fell at the First)        
    Best Individual Performance   A.Cole   17 pts    
      (Money Grabbing Whores)   (12 Sep)    
    Highest Monthly Score   A.Shearer   23 pts    
        (Fell at the First)   (Sep)    
    Rookie of the Year   K.Philips   91 pts    
    Most goals scored   K.Philips   27 goals    
    Most assists   D.Beckham   19 assists    
    Most clean sheets   S.Hyypia   14 clean sheets    
        (Noah's Delight)        
    Most goals conceded   M.Schwarzer   48 goals conceded  
        (7th Heaven)        
    Most points from a Striker   O.Solskjaer   3.18 pts per game  
    per games played   (Fell at the First)      
    Most points from a Midfield   R.Giggs   2.00 pts per game  
    player per games played   (Rouge Traders)        
    Most points from a Defender   F.Leboeuf   2.00 pts per game  
    per games played   (Pin it on the Donkey)      
    Most points from a Goalkeeper   S.Westerveld   1.05 pts per games  
    per games played   (Pin it on the Donkey)        
    Most attacking points from a   C.Zeige   1.14 attacking points  
    Defender per games played   (Money Grabbing Whores)   per game    
    Award   Winner      
    Highest weekly score   Money Grabbing   39 pts    
        Whores   (12 Sep)    
    Lowest weekly score   Kanuuuuuuuuuuuuuu   -4 pts    
          (25 Oct)    
    Most weeks top of the league   Money Grabbing   23 weeks    
    Most weeks bottom of the league 7th Heaven   24 weeks    
    Team scoring the most goals   Dreamcast   83 goals    
    Team making the most assists   Slept Thru the Auction   71 assists    
    Team with the most clean sheets   Noah's Delight   63 clean sheets    
    Team conceding the most goals   Noah's Delight   244 goals conceded  
    Team using the most players   Rouge Traders   50 players used    
    during the season            
    Team with the most members   Fell at the First   11 players    
    of their original squad left          
    Team playing the most games   Money Grabbing   410 games played  
    during the season   Whores        
    Team playing the least number   7th Heaven   332 games played  
    of games during the season            
    Team playing the least   Dreamcast   141 games played  
    defensive players          
    Team losing the most points   Kanuuuuuuuuuuuu   79 points lost    
    during the Season            
    Team picked at the Auction that Dreamcast   459 pts from    
    would have scored the most points     auction team    
    Award   Winner      
    Best transfer buy at auction   P.Di Cannio   53.00 pts per 1mil  
    (1mil & over)   (Slept thru the Auction)      
    Best transfer buy at auction   M.Hadji   36.00 pts per    
    (under 1mil)   (Dreamcast)   100,000    
    Best free transfer from the auction S.Iversen   58 points    
      (Slept thru the Auction)        
    Biggest transfer flop from the auction C.Sutton   0.94 pts per 1mil  
    (over 1mil)   (Rouge Traders)        
    Best transfer buy during season   A.Wright   11.81 pts per 1mil  
    (over 1mil)   (Noah's Delight)        
    Best free transfer during the season G.McAllister   44 points    
      (Rouge Traders)      
    Biggest transfer flop borght   H.Berg   -3.2 pts per 1mil  
    during the season (over 1mil)   (7th Heaven)      
    Most expensive forward   D.Yorke   9.1 mil    
    Most expensive midfield player   D.Beckam   5.5 mil    
    Most expensive defender   M.Keown   4.2 mil    
      (Slept Thru the Auction)      
    Most expensive goalkeeper   D.Seaman   3.8 mil    
      (Rouge Traders)        
    National Competitions    
    Competition   Team      
    National Cup   Pin it on the Donkey   3rd Round    
        Kanuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu   2nd Round    
        Dreamcast   2nd Round    
        Fell at the First   1st Round    
    Champions League   Dreamcast   6th in 1st Round    
            Group Stage    
    UEFA Cup   Slept thru the Auction   3rd in 2nd Round  
          Group Stage    
        Money Grabbing Whores   5th in 1st Round    
            Group Stage    
    Highest National Post   Money Grabbing Whores   370th in Oct    
    Lowest National Postion   7th Heaven   11,078th in Nov    
    Notable Achievements   Slept thru the Auction   25th in Sep    
          manager of Month