Serie G Dream Team          
  (only 2 players per premiership team)        
      (Pin it on the Donkey)      
    R.Delap   S.Hypia   U.Ehiogu   C.Zeige    
    (Pin it on the Donkey)   (Noah's Delight)   (Slept Thru)   (Money Grabbers)    
    D.Beckham   G.Poyet   G.McAllister    N.Solano    
    (Dreamcast)   (7th Heaven)   (Rouge Traders)   (Pin it on the Donkey)    
         K.Phillips    A.Shearer        
        (Dreamcast)    (Fell at the First)        
    N.Martyn   G.Barry   H.Kewell    A.Cole    
    (Noah's Delight)   (Pin it on the Donkey)   (Slept Thru)   (Money Grabbers)    
          Serie G Nightmare Team          
  (must have played 6 games in PGW)          
      R.Hoult (-5pts)      
    A.Pistone (1pts) R.Gough (-6pts) P.Butler (-12pts) M.Ball (2pts)  
    (Rouge Traders)   (Dreamcast)   (Noah's Delight)   (Noah's Delight)    
    L.Hendrie (2pts) D.Thompson (2pts) E.Bakke (0pts)  D.Eadie (0pts)  
     (Fell at the First)    (Fell at the First)   (Dreamcast)   (Pin it on the Donkey)    
         C.Sutton  (5pts)  K.Davies (3pts)      
        (Rouge Traders)   (Money Grabbers)        
    T.Sorensen (0pts) S.Bould (-6pts) P.Kennedy (2pts)  D.Huckerby (7pts)  
    (Rouge Traders)   (Dreamcast)   (Noah's Delight)   (Money Grabbers)