The Monthly Awards  
      Manager of Month   Player of Month   Christian Gross Award  
  May   Julian 42pts   M.Owen 25pts   Paul 18pts  
      (H Bomb)   (Jinkster)   (Viva la Malvinas)    
  Apr   Julian 61pts   I.Harte 19pts   Kevin 16pts  
      (H Bomb)   (H Bomb)   (Dead Donkey)    
  Mar   Marek 38pts   S.Wiltord 9pts   Kevin 7pts  
      (Just do it)     (Just do it)   (Dead Donkey)    
  Feb   Paul 35pts   D Yorke 11pts   Graham Y 14pts  
      (Viva la Malvinas)     (Farcalona)   (Pay for Rebrov)    
  Jan   Graham Y 59pts   Rob Keane 16pts   Kevin 21pts  
      (Pay for Rebrov)   (Plonkers)   (Dead Donkey)    
  Dec   Simon 57pts   T. Henry 20pts   Julian 39pts  
      (Up the Arse)     (Malvinas)   (H Bomb)    
  Nov   Kevin 62pts   M.Viduka 15pts   Mad Dog 10pts  
      (Dead Donkey)   (Dead Donkey)     (Plonkers)    
  Oct   Julian 52pts   J.Hasselbaink 23pts   Graham Y 27pts  
      (H Bomb)     (H Bomb)   (Pay for Rebrov)    
  Sep   Simon 47pts   M.Owen 15pts   Graham R 22pts  
      (Up the Arse)   (Jinkster)   (Farcalona)    
                (H Bomb)    
  Aug   Marek 35pts   T.Henry 9pts   Julian 18pts  
      (Just do it)     (Malvinas)   (H Bomb)    
          (Just do it)