The Monthly Awards  
      Manager of Month   Player of Month   Christian Gross Award    
  Apr   Simon 93pts   F.Ljungberg 20pts   Paul 25pts    
      (G.B.H.)   (Catsalonia)   (Cornbeef Hash)      
  Mar   Simon 83pts   P.Scholes 17pts   Graham R 32pts    
      (G.B.H.)   (Sleepless)   (Sleepless)      
  Feb   Mad Dog 42pts   E.Heskey 16pts   Graham Y 10pts    
      (No Idea)   (Cornbeef Hash)     (Choclate Hod knobs)      
  Jan   Marek 51pts   E.Gudjohnsen 16pts   Graham Y 21pts    
      (Just do it again)     (Just do it again)   (Choclate Hod knobs)      
  Dec   Julian 82pts   R.V Nistelrooy 20pts   Graham Y 42pts    
      (Catsalonia)   (Sleepless)   (Choclate Hod knobs)      
      (Keeper Sweeper)      
  Nov   Nigel 52pts   T.Henry 12pts   Simon 19pts    
      (Keeper Sweeper)   (Keeper Sweeper)   (G.B.H.)      
  Oct   Graham Y 51pts   F.Kanoute 12pts   Nigel 13pts    
      (Choclate Hod knobs)   (Wooden Donkey)   (Keeper Sweeper)      
        Graham R 13pts    
  Sep   Simon 69pts   J.F.Hasselbaink 18pts   Nigel 30pts    
      (G.B.H.)   (Catsalonia)   (Keeper Sweeper)