The Monthly Awards- Serie J  
    Manager of Month Player of Month Christian Gross Award  
  Apr Maddo 79pts M.Owen 22pts Julian 21pts  
    (I love Ken Bates)   (2 good 2 be true)   (League of Gentlemen)    
  Mar Simon 65pts R.VanNistelrooy 18pts Kevin 13pts  
    (VaVaVoooom)   (Loads of Bobble Hats)   (Peg it on the Donkey)    
  Feb Kevin 45pts S.Malbranque 13pts Paul 25pts  
    (Peg it on the Donkey)   (League of Gentlemen)   (Fray Bentos)    
  Jan Kevin 65pts T.Henry 24pts Marek 14pts  
    (Peg it on the Donkey)   (Peg it on the Donkey)   (2 good 2 be true)    
  Dec Graham R 70pts A. Shearer 15pts Marek 34pts  
    (Bin Losing)   (Bin Losing)   (2 good 2 be true)    
            Paul 34pts  
            (Fray Bentos)    
            Nigel 34pts  
            (Loads of Bobble Hats)    
  Nov Marek 68pts M.Desailly 15pts Julian 27pts  
    (2 good 2 be true)   (Peg it on the Donkey)   (League of Gentlemen)    
      T.Henry 15pts      
      (Peg it on the Donkey)        
  Oct Marek 47pts A. Shearer 14pts Kevin 14pts  
    (2 good 2 be true)   (Bin Losing)   (Peg it on the Donkey)    
  Sep Paul 67pts M.Maccarone 16pts Graham R 28pts  
    (Fray Bentos)   (I love Ken Bates)   (Bin Losing)    
      T.Henry 16pts      
      (Peg it on the Donkey)        
  Aug Paul 44pts S.Wiltord 14pts Nigel 22pts  
    (Fray Bentos)   (Fray Bentos)   (Loads of Bobble Hats)    
    Simon 44pts        
    (Va Va Voooom)