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P.G.W. AGM 2003

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What happened at the AGM this year for those of you that didn't make it... or those who just can't remember!!!

Date - 18th June 03

Venue - Rack & Tenter, Moorgate

Present - Nigel, Kevin, Graham, Paul, Simon, Marek & Maddo


Format – Same as last season - Interactive Game. Cost is £32 (payable at the auction please)

Jobs –  again same as before Simon (Chairman), Graham (vice-chairman), Marek (Social Sec) & Nigel (Treasurer). Marek will try to organise a Golf day in Oct/Nov

Prize Money –  Next season the prize money will again be £25 (payable at the auction please - preferably cash). Next season the money will be split as follows…..

Champion             - £100

Runner up             - £50

3rd place              - £25

League Series       - £20

Cup winners         - £10

FA Cup League    - £0 

The Treasurer will be looking into ways for investing our prize money during the season. Premium Bond was the favoured choice, although the Treasurer was keen to put the lot of the 4.30 at Ascot !!!!!!

Transfers - Fantasy League are offering a new option next season called the Sealed Bid engine, where it would appear transfers can be lodged awaiting Transfer windows to open. It was thought this could be a very good option but a few points need to be clarified. Chairman will talk to the FL and report back. A final decision on whether to use the Sealed Bids option or remain with our own Web site solution will be made at the Auction

Transfer Windows – It was agreed that we like the idea of the transfer windows for next season. So for next season there will be one window before the season starts (on the Thursday before the season starts) and from then onwards one transfer window per month. It was agreed the window will be open on the first Thursday in every month (from Sep thru to May). All the dates when the window is open will be posted on our Web Site in due course.

Non-playing defenders – With one exception (no prizes for guessing who) it was agreed that we still need to enforce a non-playing defenders rule. So next season if a Defender has not played between transfer windows and yet is still in your team he must be dropped/replaced at the next transfer window. Again notices will be posted on the Web site but it is down the individual manager to be aware and make the relevant change at the Transfer Window, otherwise (as before) it will be done for him.

Squad Capping – It was agreed (with one exception - guess who again!!) that teams must have at least 6 defenders in their squad at all times. (Nigel suggested 9 defenders of which 3 must be keepers but that got turned down).

Internal PGW Deals - Internal deals are fine. However there must be no external inducements (beer/money etc). If any deal is concluded it must be posted on the FL Web site for other Mangers to be aware (it should be posted on our Leagues Bulletin Board). The deal can then be concluded at the next Transfer Window.

 FL Money – Same as last season £20m for Auction & then a further £10m for season. If you have any cash left at the auction this can be carried over in to the season.

Cash Back - It was decided to change this rule. Now if a player you have bought leaves the Premiership before 1st September you will be 75% of the money you spent on him back. However after that date you get nothing.

Auction rules - Rules as per normal. We will get an up to date players list on Auction day and then before the Auction starts other names can be added to the list (at your own risk). The Auction will be held at Graham's flat in Enfield. (directions can be obtained from Graham). Graham has kindly offered to sort out the beer pre-auction and we will pay him on the day. Maddo will bring his own bottle of wine!!!...Don't forget to bring all your trophies and money to pay for the Fantasy League, Prize money & Beer.

Other rules - All the other rules the same as last season.

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