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Sealed Bids 

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How the new 'Sealed Bids transfer system works...

Sealed Bids

As promised we will be using the FL Sealed Bids page for our monthly transfers this season, so this how it work...

When you go onto the FL web site I would very strongly suggest you do 2 things..... firstly change your password and secondly set up your own
e-mail address
. This can be done in your team page in the Team options part of the page and then the personal details - the little 'i' icon

Reason for this are - when you load your bids it is in a password protected area but if we all have the original password we were all gives then others will be able to see your bids !!!!!!....... if your load your e-mail address then you will receive all the reports the FL send out, incl details on when the transfer window is open and closed

The sealed bids system is a 4 stage process....

1.... New deadline is set by Chairman (e-mail sent to confirm this, to those who have loaded there e-mail address)

2..... You go in and have to nominate a player you are dropping and then the player you want. At this point you load your bid for this player (anything for 0 to your total remaining transfer fund). This is where the system falls down a bit because you can only nominate one player to replace someone. But we will not enforce the player you nominate to drop and it will still be down to you to make the transfers. It does mean that you can only nominate 15 players at each window but I'm sure that is more than enough..... even for Nigel !!

3..... Window closes and I process the bids (press a button basically). This then produces a report on the Sealed bids page showing all the players
nominated and the successful bids. An e-mail is sent to everyone (who has loaded their e-mail address) that the bids are available to view.

4..... The next part is the bit we won't do!!!!...... you can then make all the transfers at the click of a button but obviously with the problems of player nomination this wouldn't really work for us. However if you do actually have the correct player in and out the individual managers can if they wish make the transfer from this screen.


Just a reminder that the cumulative total of all your bids cannot exceed your remaining transfer fund. You must place a bid next to the player you nominate on the Sealed bids page before the Transfer Window is closed. You can go back and change your bids, nominations ect any time before the Transfer Window closes, however once the window is closed the bids are final and cannot be changed. 

Your can bid can range from the total of your remaining transfer fund to zero. If you bid nothing for a player that you nominate we will treat it the same as we have in the past. That is if no one else nominates him you get him for nothing, if somebody else put a bid in for him then the bidder gets him for nothing and if 2 (or more) manager bid zero for a player we will treat it as a tied bid and you can then either rebid or pull out.

If we have any tied bids then we will revert to phone bids (as we used to use). This round of bids will be separate from the original sealed bids and therefore you will be able to bid up to your remaining transfer fund.

Happy bidding... any problems contact the Chairman

Page updated on 02 February 2004