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All the previous PGW Poll results...

(23rd Mar) - So where is Paul really moving too?

Well Paul a whopping 86% of the voters think you are moving to Kilburn..... hurrah for you

(2nd Mar) - With the title a Cup already in the bag, how many trophies will Kev win in Serie K?

Well 23% think he will win 5 trophies, and another 23% think he will win only 3... the biggest vote (of 38%) expect him to win 4 trophies... 7% think he will win all 6... god help us !!!!!!

(8th Feb) - How do you view Nigel's dodgy defensive tactics ??

Well 32% of us saw it as he is getting desperate, however 37 % saw it as cheating..... 25% just saw it as tactics Maddo would use and the remaining 6% saw it as good management skills (that must have been Maddo's votes then!!!) 

(22 Sept) - Who will win Serie K ??

Well in joint 2nd place were the old faithful duo of Maddo & Marek who got 18% of the vote each... but the favourite for Serie K with 27% of the votes (and I never thought I'd be writting this) is Julian... well we shall see !!!

Page updated on 30 March 2004