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Serie K

The Comps

League tables - The  latest League Tables

Squads - All the present squads for all the PGW teams  

League Series - Latest League Series standing

Cups - All the Cup ties & results

FA Cup League - Latest FA Cup League standings

Monthly scores - See your points month by month and where it all went wrong

Fantasy League pages 

Sealed Bids - This is your places to make your bids for the next transfer window

Classifieds - Place a player on the transfer list or put an ad in for a wanted player 

Free Agents - All the available players at the moment

Budgets - How much everyone has left to spend

Substitutions - Who has been making what substitutions

Results - All the latest results and up coming fixtures

Team News - Latest team news from the FL 

E-Mail Reports - Order the latest reports via e-mail

Mr Pink  - Read all the latest FL news and gossip

National Standings - See if you have made the FL Top 100 or even Manager of the week!

Home Page - Go to the Fantasy League Home page

The P.G.W. pages

Honours Board - All the silverware won so far this season

Monthly Awards - The highs and lows from each month

Money Transfers - All the transfer deals done so far this season

Auction Teams - Who bought who at the auction

The Ginger Bits pages are dedicated to all the news, information & gossip from the Perry Groves World and beyond... all (any!!) contributions will be gratefully received..... 

Last Transfer Window of the season closes on Thursday 6th May


Poll Results - all the results from previous Polls

Ken Bates - some of Chairman Kens quotes

  Sealed bids - The new 'Sealed bids' page for our transfers in now up and  running

  Loans - Confirm our rules re loan players

  Postcard from Becks - the England captain sends his first postcard from Madrid

  Awards 2003 - pictures from the Awards night

  Real Football - A real rant... well worth a read

  Summer Quotes - A couple of good quotes in a summer of dross

  AGM 2003 - Quite a few changes for next season so find out what happened at the AGM this year

  Colemanballs - A few more quotes from people who should know better

  Peg Man - Does Nigel lead a double life ???

Important Dates 

Transfer Window's

14th Aug

4th Sep

2nd Oct

6th Nov

4th Dec

8th Jan

5th Feb

4th Mar

1st Apr

6th May

Ken Bates Memorial Trophy

1st Round  21st Sep & 28th Sep
Qtr Finals 19th Oct & 26th Oct
Semi Finals 9th Nov & 23rd Nov
Final 7th Dec & 14th Dec

Coupe de Perry Groves

1st Round 11th Jan
Qtr Finals 1st Feb
Semi Finals 22nd Feb
Final 14th Mar 

FA (to play for) Cup

1st Round 4th Apr
Qtr Finals 18th Apr
Semi Finals 25th Apr
Final 2nd May 

Social Events

Christmas Party - 20th March

AGM - 10th June

Auction - 24th July


Articles are always needed and will always be very welcome & gratefully received..... to ensure that 'Ginger Bits' (and the web site in general) works I need as many contributions as possible..... the more controversial and/or humorous the better!!!!!

Contributions can be made in any shape or form, but preferably e-mail to the chairman...

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