Latest Update on - 11 August 2003

The History

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The Seasons

Now for a brief history of each season... and a few stats to wash it all down!!!... also included are the PGW All-Time records...

I first heard about Fantasy Football in 1992 when a programme on Radio5 on a Sunday morning was dedicated to it (the pre-runner to the Fantasy League TV show). However the first real exposure I had to it was the following season when Paul joined a league at his work. All of a sudden his interest in all things football increased. When scores were passed around during our Saturday afternoons in the 'Clock end', no longer was a Southampton goal met with a who cares (unless it was against Spurs obviously) but "who scored was it LeTiss?". At the time we thought he was sad and told him to so ... Oh how times change !!!

Anyway the following summer in 1994 Paul suggested that we start a league and somehow conned me into running it and since then things have never been the same. It's brought a whole new meaning to Monday night football (I've known managers watch Sheff Wed v Cov just because they have a couple of player playing), I and other's, spend evenings just watching the Internet, Sky sports and ceefax looking for the latest goal scorers and assists. I think most of us watch now watch the 'Premiership' ect with team sheets in hand trying to work out who has scored points this week, I also know of managers who tape the 'Premiership' or 'Goals on Sunday' and run the goals back in freeze frame to see who got the assists!!!!! With the increased use of the internet many mangers spend hours surfing for team news (well it saves you calling up the Club Call lines doesn't in Mav ??)

When we are at Highbury these day's every time Nigel (the man with the radio) tells us of a goal elsewhere the question is always asked "who scored" and then "and the assist", much to the annoyance of our longer suffering fellow supporters sitting around us. So who's sad now ???  

I wouldn't say Fantasy Football has taken over our life's but it's certainly played it's part over the previous season. It has an addictive nature that seems to have caught us all to varying degrees. It is now accepted that the Auction day is a non miss event for all of us, holidays, birthday's anniversaries and even birth's have been arranged to miss this day!!! 

We are now into our 10th season of PGW, for most of us that means we have been playing Fantasy Football for over a quarter of out lives !!!!


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