Latest Update on - 16 February 2004

The League Rules

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Serie K

In general we follow the rules of the Fantasy League ( however we do have a few local amendments, just to make it a bit more interesting (or complicated!!). Our local amendments are as follows...


Each manager has 20million to spend at the Auction and then a further 10million to spend during the season. Any money not spend at the Auction can be added to the 10million season transfer fund.

Cash Back 

If any player in your squad leaves the Premiership before 1st September, then you are entitled to receive back into your transfer fund 75% of the money you paid for him (rounded down to the nearest 100k).


The Fantasy League rule is only 2 players from each Premiership team are allowed per Fantasy team. In the PGW this is a real time rule. So if a transfer takes place in the real world you find yourself with 3 players from one Premiership club you must drop one player at the next Transfer window. 

A new player can only be bought once he has been acknowledged by the Fantasy League as Premiership player.


We have unlimited substitutions & no restrictions on any formation a Manger wishes to play.

Transfer Windows 

The transfer window will close on the last Thursday before the season opens and then on the 1st Thursday of each month during the season. Player nominations can be made any time before the window closes. Bidding and transfers will then be completed on the Friday after. 

All the dates the transfer window will be open will be published on the PGW web site.


To make a transfer, you have until the Transfer Window opens to nominate & bid for a player you want. Player nominations and bids are made by going into the FL web site, to the Sealed Bids page. The nominees are then hidden from view (to everybody) until the deadline has passed. After the deadline each manager's nominations plus his bid will be listed. The chairman will then send the 'sealed bids' results out to the rest of the league. In no circumstances can bids be withdrawn or changed after the Transfer Window has closed. 

It is then the managers responsibility to make the transfer (If you are unsure about any transfer then contact the chairman). This must be done before the first fixture of the weekend kicks-off (Friday games are included in this). If the transfer is not made before this time then the transfer will be void. If a manger has paid for a player but then fails to make the transfer he will still be deducted any money he has spent (as will the co-bidders).

A new player can only be bought once he has been acknowledged by the Fantasy League as Premiership player.


All transfer bidding will be a one off bid with the highest bidder getting the player. The winning manager will be charged 100k more than the 2nd highest bidder, all other bidders will be charged 100k.

When placing your bids, each manager must be aware that the cumulative total of all your bids at each transfer window must not exceed your remaining transfer fund. The bid must be placed with the nominated player on the 'Sealed bids' page before the Transfer Window is closed A manager's bid can range from the total of your remaining transfer fund to zero. If you do exceed your transfer fund with your bids then all your bids will be counted as void.

After the transfer window has closed the Chairman will process all the nominations and bids and the results will be published immediately on the FL Web site on the Sealed bids page. An e-mail will be sent automatically by the FL informing managers that the bidding process is finished. It is then managers responsibility to find out if his bid has been successful or not. In no circumstances can bids be withdrawn or changed after the Transfer Window has closed. All sucesful bidders will be charged 100k more than the second highest bid (irrespective of whether or not you add the player to your squad). If all other bids are zero then you get the player for no charge.  

If there are any tied bids then we will hold a re-bid on the Friday after the transfer window closes. It is the managers responsibility to check if he needs to re-bid for a player (contact the Chairman if in doubt). All re-bids must be received by the Chairman (or the person conducting the Auction) before 3.00pm on Friday. If both managers bid the same amount, we will continue the process until we get a winner. If the bids are still tied and both managers have bid all their cash, the winner will be the manager who is lowest in the league table at that time of the bidding. The winning manager of any re-bids will be deducted 100k more than the losing bidders highest bid.

Internal Deals 

Players can be transferred internally between PGW clubs, if both managers agree to the deal. These deals must be posted on the FL Web site on the 'Bulliten Board' for all to see. They can only be completed at the next transfer window. However no external inducements are allowed when conducting these deals (i.e. you can only offer them FL players or FL money).

Non Playing Defenders

If a defender has not played between transfer windows he must be dropped when the transfer window re-opens (otherwise it will be done for you). It is the manager's responsibility to keep a track on his non-playing defenders and make any changes needed in time.

Any replacement must have played in the previous round of Premiership games. To be classed as playing a game we use the Fantasy League stats, (which means playing for at least 45mins in a game).  

Squad Capping

All squads must contain 6 defenders at all times. 


Appeals directly to the Fantasy League can be made over contentious issues such as assists, goals scored, clean sheets etc... However the decision made by the Fantasy League is final and will be adhered to by the entire PGW league.


We have 3 cup competitions, with 9 teams we need a preliminary round. The holder is excluded from this round.If we have a draw in any of the ties then the winner is resolved by -                     

i) a replay on the next week of full fixtures (if it doesn't clash with the next round)

ii) number of goals scored over the whole tie (incl replay)

iii) number of assists (incl replay)

iv) number of clean sheets (incl replay)

v) number of players playing (incl replay)

vi) toss a coin

Prize Money 

The Prize money for Serie K is as follows...

Champion - 100

League Runner up - 50

3rd place in League - 25

League Series winner - 20

Cup winners - 10

FA Cup League winner - 0

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