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Away Grounds

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Serie K

Some links to other web sites you might find interesting..... if you have any others you would like to add then please let me know.....

Media Sites 

Sky Football - All the latest news from Sky sports

BBC Football - All the latest news from the BBC web site

ITV Football - All the latest from ITV web site

This is London - London football news from the Standard

Sporting life  - All the latest news from the Sporting Life

BBC 606 - The web site for the programme

Talksport - The Talksport site 

The Sun - Latest from the back page of the Sun

The Telegraph - Latest from the Daily Telegragh

The Times - Latest from Murdock's other newspaper

Football Unlimited - News from the Guardian 

Teletext Sport -  Teletext's site

Eurosport - Latest from the Eurosport TV mob 

Reuters - All the latest news from Reuters

Football News

Football 365 - Probably the best football newspaper style Web site

Soccernet - Latest news from Soccernet 

Football Rumours - A link to a new site which covers football rumours, transfers, news, player profiles and other football related info
4 the Game - The Barclaycard Premiership page

Rivals - Another web site from the 365 team

Tribal Football - Another gossip/newspaper web site, with lots of news from Europe

The Beautiful Game - More football gossip

Planet Soccer  - Latest news from planet Football

Sportal - More football news and gossip

Team TalkMore Gossip

Football Transfers - Speculation about many possible transfers

World Soccer News -  latest football news from around the world

360 Soccer - News from around the world

Physio's Room - Latest injury news

Breaking News

Fiso - Latest news and lots of good links - Lots of breaking news 

Football News - All the breaking news around the web

Ananova - Latest footie news - Breaking news 

Official Sites

Fantasy League - The fantasy league web site

Icons - Where a lot of Premierships players have there own Official Web sites

P.F.A. - The official PFA site with a lot of good stuff on... surprisingly!!

The FA - The FA's official site

FIFA - The offical FIFA site

UEFA - The official UEFA site, with all the European competition news

The G14 - The official G14 clubs site 

We Love Perry - Perry's very own un-official web site

Stats & Links

E-soccer - More links & stats than anywhere else

Soccer Stats - Football stats plus good links to other sites

Soccer Base - Full round up of all Premierships stats

European Stats - Stats from around the European Leagues

This is Football - Links to many new sites

Soccer Links - Plenty more links 

Sports Links - Lots of info plus loads of links 

World Stadiums - has views of virtually every stadium in the world 

The Comps

League tables - The  latest League Tables

Squads - All the present squads for all the PGW teams  

League Series - Latest League Series standing

Cups - All the Cup ties & results

FA Cup League - Latest FA Cup League standings

Monthly scores - See your points month by month and where it all went wrong

Fantasy League pages 

Sealed Bids - This is your places to make your bids for the next transfer window

Classifieds - Place a player on the transfer list or put an ad in for a wanted player 

Free Agents - All the available players at the moment

Budgets - How much everyone has left to spend

Substitutions - Who has been making what substitutions

Results - All the latest results and up coming fixtures

Team News - Latest team news from the FL 

E-Mail Reports - Order the latest reports via e-mail

Mr Pink  - Read all the latest FL news and gossip

National Standings - See if you have made the FL Top 100 or even Manager of the week!

Home Page - Go to the Fantasy League Home page

The P.G.W. pages

Honours Board - All the silverware won so far this season

Monthly Awards - The highs and lows from each month

Money Transfers - All the transfer deals done so far this season

Auction Teams - Who bought who at the auction

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