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Latest Update on - 11 August 2003

All Time Records 

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The Records

Here are the 'Perry Groves World' All Time Records... to see who has won the most & least, got the highest & lowest scores over the years then read on..... now updated and including Serie I...

So as we move in to the 10th season of the  P.G.W… who has the best records for the previous 9 seasons…

Well Simon is still the highest scorer in the PGW with a total of 3,637pts with Mad Dog just behind on 3,600pts. Mad Dog does hold the record though for the most Championship victories, with 3 titles to his name. As for the bottom, well needless to say that Julian holds most of those records including the important, most wooden spoons (5) and of course the lowest average points per season of 315.56pts…

Overall Simon has won the most trophies, winning 11, Maddo has won 9 and Marek 7. Bottom of the list is Kevin with 2 trophies followed by Graham Y and Paul who have both won 3 trophies… As for prize money, Simon has won the most followed by Maddo but perhaps the most revealing fact of all is that Paul has not won a bean in 5 years!!!

As for the other competitions… well Simon still has a hold on the League Series, most points (225pts) and most wins (4). In the Cups Maddo is you man (!!) having won 5 trophies and 30 ties. Whilst the FA Cup League is still Marek's property with 2 wins and the highest points total of 268.

As for some of the other stat's… Graham Y manages to still hold both the highest weekly score (41pts) and the lowest (-6pts)… Simon has the highest monthly score (93pts) and Kev still has the lowest score in a month of just 7pts… Maddo has scored the most goal (598), Simon has the most assist's (502) and Graham Y - not Nigel - has the most clean sheets (537) & Paul had conceded the most goals 1,697… Simon has been top of the PGW for the most week (83), whilst Julian has been bottom for the longest (147 weeks)…

Serie J saw a few records tumble too…. Firstly Graham R equalled the record for the most silverware won in a single season of 3 trophies, Maddo in winning the title broke the record for the most goals scored (88), Kev with a little help from Thierry broke the assist record with 78 and Nigel (with his 10 defenders per week) conceded the most goals ever in one season (breaking his own record) conceding 274 goals… and finally from Serie J, Marek got further than an other manager had done previously in the UEFA cup.

So enough of my ramblings and onward into our 10th season….. But if you want to see all the records and stats in greater detail just use the links on the other side of this page….. 


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