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Headlines:   Congratulations to Kev on his first Championship...          Maddo finishes 2nd...          Congratulations to Nigel who wins his first silverwear this millenium...          Auction date confirmed as the 24th July...          AGM date confirmed as 10th June...

Welcome to the 'We all live in a Perry Groves World' web site. We are a fantasy football league under the umbrella of  the original and best Fantasy Football League. This site is dedicated to our league, fantasy football and football in general... and of course that football genius Perry Groves !!!!


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FA Cup League - A tight finish could be on the cards between Maddo, Kevin & Marek...

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The Auction date is now confirmed as Saturday 24th July... venue to be announced


The AGM date is now confirmed as Thursday 10th June... venue to be confirmed but it will be somewhere in central London 

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12th Jan - Stop The Dead Donkey…(Not So) Mug (a) Punter…Spam Fritters (Away Points)

Well here I am again with another round of drivel and nonsense for your entertainment, after a somewhat enlarged Christmas break…..remember how when I last left you predictions were being made about Kevin’s lights coming down at Christmas, and how different things would be come 2004???……well I lied!!! The cry is still “Stop the Dead Donkey” as Kev continues to be top of the heap and has built up an (unassailable??) lead of 64 points…..which barring disasterous injuries to Van Nistelrooy, Giggs and Saha doesn’t look like being caught (and being as Kev is the man with the “connections” to arrange such injuries I can’t see it happening somehow….although to be fair if anyone apart from me is going to win it this year I’d much rather it be Kevin or Julian than someone who has won it before… moving on from Kev and his 27 point week….we come to a dark horse who has appeared from nowhere along the rails and appears to be making a dash for 2nd place…..with a highest weekly score of 29 points (11 of which from his front pairing of Henry and Hasselbaink and 12 from his defence) is Robbo Sr….the only consolation I can take from this being his inclusion of not one, but two Spurs players in his squad (how shocked was I at last weeks transfer window to find that he had gone for two Spurs players, and not only that bid cash on one of them!!! – does he qualify for expulsion from Highbury and instantaneous removal of his foreskin yet???)…..Graham’s 29 points for the week saw him outstrip his nearest rival and open up a 16 point gap over the same, namely Mav who bagged a mere 12 points thanks to a combination of Arsenal’s demolition of Boro’ which cost him minus 3 for Schwarzer and Paul Durkin who cost him a certain 3 points for Shearer’s “penalty that never was”….5 points behind Mav and with his star in the ascendancy once more is Julian who despite early season form has been unable to keep up with Kevin as was once hoped to form a “Naughty Boys” race to the tape…..but 19 points for the week see him jump over Slim Boy Fat who could only manage a 15 pointer to drop to 5th place….yo-yo’ing in and out of the middle section of the table and 10 points behind the Mad One is Graham Y whose 24 pointer was marred only by the fact that it could have been more had he not swapped Riise for Phillips and then listened to Simon’s omens of a Phillips hat-trick and Riise mauling but that’s FFL for you…..managing a quite frankly (I want to go home!!! J) pathetic (as it was a 2 game week) 4 points for the week (see Paul you should have taken my offer of Riise or Bernard plus a makeweight for Angel and you’d have had 7 points for the week!!! ) is Robbo Jr who now sits 19 points behind in 7th place…and hot on Paul’s heels is Nigel who is only 8 points behind following an 18 point week…which only leaves us to ponder if the unthinkable can really happen as we look at bottom place some 18 points behind Nigel where sits Simon who has never finished below 5th place before…time I guess will only tell……



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