Mad Dog's Honours

Paul 'Mad Dog'

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Maddo with that Wooden Spoon !!!


P.G.W. League Champion - Serie D, Serie F & Serie J

League Series Winner - Serie E

Ken Bates Trophy Winner - Serie B & Serie F

Coupe de Perry Groves Winner - Serie E, Serie H & Serie I


The only managers in the PGW history to win the League three times (Serie D , Serie F & Serie J). However it has also gone sadly (well joyously for the rest of us!!) wrong in other seasons - notably Serie H, when he became only the fourth person to pick up the infamous wooden spoon. Over the years Mad Dog has been one of the most succesfull managers in the PGW, as well as his 3 championships he also has 6 other pieces of Silverware (plus that one piece of Woodenware!!).

Not known for blowing all his money at the auction, and could still be heard moaning in May of one year, that he had "spent too much on Beckham at the auction". Chief pusher of rules to the limit, and regular (ab)user of the non-playing defenders tactic. “Mad Dog” has been known to blow over a paper bag at 30 paces (with a following wind!!!) for trying to steal his half-time broccoli patty. Generally unimaginative in the team names department (was there anything that he hasn’t put with the word “plonkers” – although did have the only team name so far with the word f**k in it). 

Known for his ability to drink copious amounts of alcohol in one sitting, and then walking away sober as a judge (oops sorry got someone else's details mixed up with Mad Dogs there!!!).


Perry Groves All Time Ranking - 2nd (400.00  pts)

Highest score - 465 pts (Serie F)

Lowest score - 310 pts (Serie H)

Highest Finish - 1st (Serie D, Serie F & Serie J)

Lowest Finish - 9th (Serie H)


Team Names

Serie J I love Ken Bates
Serie I No Idea
Serie H Its those Plonkers again
Serie G Dreamcast
Serie F Plonkers are back
Serie E No way may
Serie D Another bunch of plonkers
Serie C Paul's plonkers
Serie B Who the F*** are Man Utd

Page updated on - 18 August 2003