Kevin's Honours


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Kev planning his auction tactics...


League Series Winner - Serie F

Coupe de Perry Groves Winner - Serie G


The second half of the “not so” dynamic duo from Serie C, who has seen better success than his erstwhile counterpart since going solo. Kev has employed just about every permutation of the “donkey” team name in his time with the league, and in fact will be issuing a range of “pubwear” based on the donkey theme in the near future. 

Known to run with the “big boys” down at Highbury, although we all know he is a pussycat really. Has had his time at the top of the league, but proved he is really West Ham through and through - when his fine pre-Christmas performances in the league came down with the decorations and leave him fighting for his life to avoid the spoon at the seasons end. Kev has enjoyed some success in both the cups and the League Series, without winning a great deal 

Always around for a social event and will drink with the best of us... has been found asleep in many places, from his Chicken Vindaloo, anybody's front room to almost every Connex train to Worthing!!!!!!!!


Perry Groves All Time Ranking - 7th (338.75 pts)

Highest score - 387 pts (Serie G)

Lowest score - 258 pts (Serie E)

Highest Finish - 5th (Serie F & Serie G)

Lowest Finish - 8th (Serie E & Serie H)

Team Names

Serie J Peg it on the Donkey
Serie I Wooden Donkey
Serie H Shag the Dead Donkey
Serie G Pin it on the Donkey
Serie F They shoot donkeys
Serie E Bury the dead donkey
Serie D Drop the dead donkey
Serie C Was Kevin drunk ?


Page updated on - 18 August 2003