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Graham R

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Graham with a nice line in Wooden Spoons...


P.G.W League Champion - Serie B

League Series - Serie J

Ken Bates Memorial Trophy - Serie J

Coupe de Perry Groves Winner - Serie B & Serie J

F.A. (to play for) Cup Winner - Serie G


Older, (and some would say wiser) brother of Paul, recently becoming a father to boot. Graham won the League in it's first season, Serie B but has not troubled the Champions Hall of Fame since. He did however have a very good Serie J where he took away 3 peices of silverware, even if he didn't trouble the top half of the league.

He also has the dubious honour of being the first “Non-Julian” to receive the wooden spoon, having wrestled said title from Julian during Serie F & regaining it yet again in Serie I, so becoming the first 'non-Julian' to win that Wooden spoon twice. It would appear that this is set to be a family tradition with Paul having also been an addition to the “Spoonist Hall of Shame” (Serie G). Grahams interest seems to rise and fall dependent on his league position, and in years when he is doing well, transfers, subs and all sorts come flying in, but put him below midway down the table, and you can guarantee that you won’t hear a peep out of him from Auction to AGM!!!! 

Graham is the only non-Spurs fan in the league who will pick players from that esteemed (eh???!!!!) outfit, thereby ensuring that his namesake doesn’t get totally free rein.


Perry Groves All Time Ranking - 8th (333.67 pts)

Highest score - 476 pts (Serie B)

Lowest Score - 251 pts (Serie F)

Highest Finish - 1st (Serie B)

Lowest Finish - 9th (Serie F & Serie I)



Team Names

Serie J Bin Losing
Serie I Sleepless
Serie H Farcalona
Serie G Fell at the First
Serie F Same old, now old
Serie E Mines a Coke
Serie D HZH I'm back
Serie C Real Spanish Tossa
Serie B Haddock Spliff


Page updated on - 18 August 2003