Paul's Honours


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Cool dude ???


P.G.W. League Champion - Serie E

P.G.W. League Runners up - Serie B & Serie C

Ken Bates Trophy Winner - Serie E

F A (to play for) Cup Winners - Serie D



A bit of an enigma is our Mr. Roberts, either does incredibly well, (who can forget his steal of the title by two point's a few years back in Serie E and two runner-up places in the early years) or incredibly crap (wooden spoon in Serie G). 

Recent seasons have seen Paul move backwards in PGW terms. He was one of the original super power teams but has now moved down to 6th spot in the All Time rankings with no Silverware since Serie E. Is this down to his mind wandering elsewhere or the rest of us just getting better??? (We're getting better)

Seems to have got over his penchant for team names which were double entendres following the recent Kanuuuuuuuuu – gave up thinking of his own team name for Serie H and went with a chairman nominated tribute to his new wife. Yes that’s right the UN have been informed and women all around the world are wailing (NOT!!!!) now that Paul has finally settled down and got hitched to the lovely Bibi. Paul is understood to be writing a worst-seller book of his now unrequited chat up lines including such gems as: “that’ll be two pints of lager, a pint of bitter and your phone number please” or even “Back To Life?? I’ve got that on a tape in my room”. 

Used to be a drinker at the auction and regular attendee at social events. However recently he has taken to driving to the auction and not going out much, preferring to stay in and work out which “anniversary” to celebrate with Bibi next!!!!


Perry Groves All Time Ranking - 5th (358.33 pts)

Highest Score - 441 pts (Serie B)

Lowest score - 298 pts (Serie G)

Highest Finish - 1st (Serie E)

Lowest Finish - 9th (Serie G) 


Team Names

Serie J Fray Bentos
Serie I Cornbeef Hash
Serie H Viva la Malvinas
Serie G Kanuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Serie F The second coming
Serie E Gagging for it
Serie D Too polite to come first
Serie C It's all gone pear shaped
Serie B No Rocastle, not Roy Castle


Page updated on - 18 August 2003