Marek's Honours


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Marek with his beloved trophy !!!


P.G.W. League Champion - Serie H

P.G.W. League Runner up - Serie E

Ken Bates Trophy Winner - Serie I

Coupe de Perry Groves Winner - Serie C & Serie F

F.A. (to play for) Cup Winner - Serie B

F.A. Cup League Winner Serie H & Serie I



The Arthur Daley of the league, known to sell his children and mother in return for a half-decent player (half-decent in his view that is!!!) even tried to swap Roy (yes Roy not Robbie!!!) Keane for Beckham once, using the Fantasy League equivalent of the brown paper bag (3 pints of lager) as an inducement!! Lost out n the Championship in Serie E, when he was pipped at the post, by two points, for the Championship by Paul Roberts. He finally overturned that particular debacle in Serie H, when he won the league after a tussle to the finish with Simon that saw Marek win the Championship by two points.

Marek too is one of the more successful PGW managers winning 7 trophies over the years and usually will be near the top of the table in May. He is ranked 3rd overall in the PGW all time rankings. 

Another Highbury regular, regularly seen propping up the bars around Finsbury Park, mostly with one eye on his pint and the other on his mobile phone. Another who is in the big league when beers are about. Fine supporter of all P.G.W. social events, but then he should be, he's supposed to organize them !!


Perry Groves All Time Ranking - 3rd (384.67 pts)

Highest score - 427pts (Serie I)

Lowest score - 317pts (Serie G)

Highest Finish - 1st (Serie H)

Lowest Finish - 6th (Serie G)


Team Names

Serie J 2 good 2 be true
Serie I Just do it again
Serie H Just do it
Serie G Rouge Traders
Serie F Simply awesome too
Serie E It's coming home
Serie D Simply awesome
Serie C Awesome umbrella XI
Serie B Copenhagen rebels


Page updated on - 18 August 2003