Simon's Honours


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Simon with some silverware


P.G.W. League Champion - Serie C & Serie I

P.G.W. League Runner up - Serie G, Serie H & Serie J

League Series Winner - Serie C, Serie D, Serie G & Serie I

Ken Bates Trophy Winner - Serie G

F.A. (to play for) Cup Winner - Serie E, Serie I & Serie J

F.A.Cup League - Serie J


Chairman extraordinaire, and win at all costs Fantasy Leaguer, Simon is one of the founding fathers of our league, and indeed has probably the best record in the PGW. He has won the League Championship twice (Serie C & Serie I). He has yet to finish below 5th in the table.

At present he heads the PGW All Time rankings and as well as his 2 Championships he has 7 other pieces of silverware to his credit. He is the only manager to win the PGW double (Championship & League Series) and in Serie I did the treble. He has had his share of disappointments too, missing out on the Championship by 2 points in Serie H and also finishing runner up in Serie G after leading for most of the season.

Can be guaranteed to be drinking with the big boys at the end of any league night out, and any other night in between for that matter. Able to remember vital statistics about the season that most of us forgot about the day after they happened and prone to get upset with managers playing non-playing defenders. One of seven Gooners amongst the League that is Perry’s.



Perry Groves All Time Ranking - 1st (404.11 pts)

Highest score - 466 pts (Serie I)

Lowest Score - 362 pts (Serie D)

Highest Finish - 1st (Serie C & Serie I)

Lowest Finish - 5th (Serie B & Serie D)

Team Names

Serie J Va Va Voooom
Serie I Grievous Bodily Hackers
Serie H Up the Arse Overmars?
Serie G Money Grabbing Whores
Serie F Show us your medals Teddy
Serie E Only one Tinky Winky
Serie D The raining champions
Serie C The good, the bad & the Beardsley
Serie B Steve Boulds Hairpiece


Page updated on - 18 August 2003