Nigel's Honours


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Nigel with some rare Silverware!!!

P.G.W. League Runner up - Serie D

League Series Winner - Serie H

Ken Bates Trophy - Serie H

F.A. (to play for) Cup Winner - Serie F

F.A. Cup League - Serie F


Joined the league late starting with a co-managers position in Serie C, and after the divorce from his fellow donkey, took a full time post in Serie D. Finished 2nd in his first solo season with the team 'You're one season wonders' and he certainly was!!!!! 

Over the years he has won little Silverware, only managing to take home some trophies in Serie F & Serie H (although in both seasons he managed 2 pieces of Silverware). Seems to have a liking for the middle of the table, and has rarely stepped from that position. 

Has a sad liking for all things statistical, and was recently heard to bemoan the fact that he couldn’t get Kevin Phillips, who he wanted because “he’s the only Premiership player with the same surname as me"”!!!! Known for his numerous letters to various tomes about something totally irrelevant and inconsequential. Following his failed auction technique of buying players who were going to be gone for most, or all, of the season (e.g. Shearer, Hasselbaink) has amended his tactics to buy as many goalies as is humanly possible. A strange one that and anyone who can offer a logical reason as to why this is good business should send their answers on a postcard to the usual address.


Perry Groves All Time Ranking - 6th (355.00 pts)

Highest score - 407 pts (Serie I)

Lowest score - 314 pts (Serie G)

Highest Finish - 2nd (Serie D)

Lowest Finish - 8th (Serie J)

Team Names

Serie J Loads of Bobble Hats but no Silverware
Serie I Keeper Sweeper
Serie H The Jinkster
Serie G Noah's Delight
Serie F Shear miss again
Serie E Shear disaster
Serie D You're one season wonders
Serie C Was Kevin drunk ?

Page updated on - 18 August 2003